The FLEXblue LED-lighting system is designed for the illumination of route ways, buildings and construction sites.

The LED-lighting system meets the requirements of illumniation for work places.

Lighting strip lengths up to 100 m are available.

The FLEXblue-system is designed modularly and therefore it is very flexible. The system can be extended easily according to the construction progress.

A line extension is available for areas where an illumination is not required.

Dividers, motion sensors and twilight switches complete the product portfolio.

The system is delivered with a shaped plug for an immediate operation. An electrical qualified person is not necessary. The connection is just plug-&-play.

The complete system is hose-proof, classified safety class IP65.

All components are in accordance with the CE-, REACH– and RoHS-guidelines.

The available product range of the FLEXblue LED-lighting system is summarised in the description of system.

Please contact Switch GmbH for further information and details.

Installation and wiring of moisture proof lamps was yesterday!

Route way- and building illumination with FLEXblue.

FLEXblue-examples of systems (all systems can be extended with a motion sensor or twilight switch)