Systems for elevators

Switch GmbH & Co. KG delivers pre-wired and pre-assembled systems based on customised specifications. Different switch- and contact-combinations can be taken into account. The length as well as the cross section of the connecting cables are variable. A large variaty of connectors and sockets are available on stock.

Thus suitable sub-systems can be provided for the technician to simplify his work and to speed up the installation.

Components for elevators

A large number of switchgroups for shaft and cabin are available on stock. A short delivery time can be provided.

All components meet the European guidelines for passenger and cargo elevators.


All boxes are appropriate for the use in elevator shafts. The special environmental conditions have been taken into account during design and production. Non-halogen boxes are available on request.

  • Stable, very resistant, twice isolated
  • Material thermoplast with protection class IP65
  • Environmental temperature -25 °C to +70 °C
  • Storage temperature range -40 °C to +70 °C
  • Cable entry with metric cable glands

Push buttons and pit bottom control boxes

Switch GmbH & Co. KG completes the existing shaft lighting systems with pit bottom control boxes and push buttons in various combinations and for different applications. These components can be delivered pre-wired and with customised connectors. A special lettering will be provided on request.

Light push button

Light push button with location light

Emergency stop button

Alarm push button

Pit bottom control boxes


  • Light push button
  • Plug socket


  • Light push button
  • Plug socket
  • Emergency stop button


  • Light push button
  • Plug socket
  • Emergency stop button
  • Emergency call button