The FLEXblue– and FLEXblue+ LED-lighting systems of Switch GmbH are characterized by a high flexibility and an easy plug & play: Just put the mains plug in the socket, ready!

The FLEXblue LED-lighting system meets the requirements for the illumination of work places. The FLEXblue+ LED-lighting system includes a safety lighting too.

An extensive installation and wiring of LED-moisture proof lamps and an additional installation of a safety lighting was yesterday.

These systems are ideal for route ways- and building illumination during the construction phase. They can be extended easily depending on the building progress.

All lighting strips are hose-proof, safety class IP65. Therefore humidity in the environment of a construction site is not a problem.

The LED-lighting system is based on latest update of LED-lighting strip technology.

All components meet the CE-, REACH– and RoHS-guide lines, especially due to the use of lead-free components, materials and production processes.