Switch GmbH & Co. KG offers in close partnership with Giovenzana International B.V. components for industrial automation. Special highlights are cam-switches, load break switches, control units with screw- or spring connecting terminals; limit switches with die-casting or plastic boxes and safety limit switches; foot- and micro-switches.

Phoenix – cam switches

PO – PX – CO – CX – G – series

Phoenix – cam switches offer a current carrying capacity from 12 to 200 A. Different methods of fixation provide a high degree of flexibility during installation.

Various switch- and circuit designs have been developped for nearly all applications. Special customised versions will be provided on request.

A detailed product overview is available here.

PO-PX-series (base mounting)
PO-PX-series (rear panel mounting)
CO-CX-series (base mounting)
CO-CX-series (rear panel mounting)
G-series (base mounting)

A short summary of all electrical features is available here.

  • PO – series: 12-20 A, IP20
  • PX – series: 12-20 A, IP10
  • CO – series: 25-40A, IP20; 63-80 A, IP00
  • CX – series: 25-40 A, IP10
  • G – series: 125-200A, IP00

Detailed information with regard to rear panel mounting is available here.

Detailed information with regard to base mounting is available here.

Detailed information with regard to mounting on DIN-rails is available here.

We’ve summarised an overview of existing accessories for you here.

Regolus – load break switches

SQ – and SQN – series

Regolus – load break switches offer a current carrying capacity from 25 to 160 A. The switches are applicable for panel-, base- and DIN bar mounting. Versions with 2, 3 and 4-poles, central knob and constant shaft are available.

The load break-switches are combinable with 2 and 3-pole fuse holders up to 32 A.

A product overwiev and additional information are available here for the SQ – series (up to 80 A) and SQN – series (up to 160 A).


Accessories for control units

Complete control units up to 6 command elements can be built with the Pegasus-series.

Main characteristics are:

  • Fixation with ø 22.5 mm mounting hole
  • Protection class IP65
  • With black or chrom-plated protection ring
  • Emergency stop switch according to EN 418
  • Connection with cage clamp, screwed or solder terminals

A product overview und additional information are available here.


FTN – FTN1R – FTNG – FCT – STNK – series

Switch GmbH & Co. KG offers limit switches which are used in different applications in the automation sector. They meet all requirements of the associated standards. They are designed up to the protection class IP67.

A product overwiew of the different series is composed hereinafter.


With 90 degree rotatable head


With 90 degree rotatable head and mechanical reset-function


Pre-wired and with M12-connection


Only 40 mm high, with 90 degree rotatable head


Safety limit switch with key

Micro – switches

MFI – series

The micro switches are equipped with self cleaning contacts. The high precision snap action switches are supplied with operator and are available with various terminals.

You will find detailed product information here.


Faston terminal 6.3 x 0.8


Solder terminal


Screw terminal


Screw terminal and plate protection


With tower actuator and threaded flange

Foot switches

IP – series

Single- or double foot-switches are available with emergency stop button according to EN ISO 13850, alternatively with electrical or pneumatic contacts.

You will find detailed product information here.


The product range comprises busbars from 40 up to 320 A in the highest stage of expansion.

Models up to 7 poles are available.

The busbars meet the relevant international standards. They incorporate a secure operation, an easy installation paired with a high reliability

A product overwiev and additional technical information have been summarized here.

Boxes for explosive atmospheres

ATEX- and IECEx – boxes

Switch GmbH & Co. KG offers housings meeting the ATEX94/9/EC-guideline.

ATEX is the French abbreviation of ,ATmosphères EXplosibles’ and refers to 2 European Standards with regard to the durability in explosive atmospheres. Therefore these boxes are suitable for environmental conditions with a high risk of explosion.

You will find detailed product information here.

Limit Switches for explosive atmospheres

ATEX- und IECEx- Limit switches

Switch GmbH & Co. KG offers now limit switches meeting the ATEX2014/34/EU-guideline.

The FCT-EX limit switches are a series of thermoplastic pre-wired limit switches with an indissociable cable. The cable could be with lateral or vertical entry.

The limit switches are available with 2 different micro-switches and 10 different actuators.

You will find detailed product information here.

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