Fundamental characteristics

Switch GmbH always uses latest LED-technology in their lighting strips. The LED-lighting strips are continuously improved with regard to illumination figures as well as illumination characteristic. In addition special attention is drawn to a pleasant lighting effect.

All lighting strips are equipped with 120 LEDs per meter and a milky PVC-jacket to reduce direct dazzling. A non halogen and non silicone jacket material is available too.

The LED-lighting systems are prepared for a direct connection to the power supply. They are equipped with a shaped plug and a 10 m power supply cord.

A protection circuit in the connection box provides an interference-free illumination even considering highest stress peaks in the power supply network.

Accessories like dowels with cable tie holders and cable ties are part of the delivery.

All LED-lighting systems are CE-certified and meet the RoHS- and REACH– guidelines as well as European lift standard EN 81-20 and the standards for illumination of work places.

easy connect LED120dif

easy connect LED120dif/hf (non halogen, non silicone)

Application: illumination of staircase

Application: shaft lighting

A detailed product description and additional technical datas are available here.

LED-lighting strips, product range

easy connect LED120plus

easy connect LED120plus/hf (non halogen, non silicone)

Main lighting

Emergency lighting

The easy connect LED120plus-lightings include 2 different illumination-systems in one LED-lighting strip: a main lighting and an emergency lighting respectively safety lighting. This emergency lighting is illuminating sufficiently the building in case of a blackout of the main power supply.

A detailed product description and additional technical datas are available here.

Light control unit for the LED-lighting strip with integrated emergency light

Switch GmbH offers a suitable light control unit for the LED-lighting strip with emergency light. So it is quite easy to build up an independent lighting system with emergency light.

A detailed product description of the shaft lighting system is available here.

Engine room- and pit bottom control boxes

Switch GmbH delivers complete systems with engine room- and pit bottom control boxes.

A shipment of an engine room control box includes a 5 m connection cable to the switchboard and a 10 m connection cable to the shaft lighting; ready for a direct use.

The pit bottom control box, the emergency stop button as well as the alarm push button are pre-installed for easy connection.

Please contact Switch GmbH for customized configurations.

Installation of a LED-lighting strip

The LED-lighting strip is fixed slowly downwards starting at the tiopmost position by using the special 6 mm dowels with cable ties. A maximum distance of 3 m between the fixation points has to be taken into account.

Please place the LED-lighting strip with care to avoid damages of the flexible conductor. Therefore do not buckle, twist or tear the lighting strip.

Switch GmbH offers a tool for an easy and quick fixation during first installation. Thus the lighting strip can be fixed simply with a dowel or on a hook.

Further information with regard to the installation of a LED-lighting strip can be taken from the installation instruction.