easy connect LEDplus (complies with EN 81-20)

LED shaft lighting with emergency light function




Switch GmbH & Co. KG, the trendsetter of state of the art shaft lighting for elevators, has developed a new LED shaft lighting including an emergency light function exceeding the new European safety regulation EN 81-20

This safety regulation requires an emergency light of minimum 5 Lux above one meter over the car top in case of power breakdown of main supply. The power of the emergency light has to be buffered by rechargeable batteries for at least 1 hour.



Product description

The Switch easy connect LEDplus solution exceeds these requirements by far. In this case the proven Switch LED strip consits of 2 separate electric circuits. The majority of LEDs are connected to the shaft light for common operation while each tenth LED is connected to the emergency path. Thus a part of the LEDs can be fed with low voltage power provided by rechargeable batteries.

The shaft will not be totally dark in case of power blackout of main supply. This is a huge advantage as the emergency light will be in service for one hour at least. This solution allows the maintenance man to take care on his emergency exit and in addition it prevents anxiety attacks.

The Switch easy connect LEDplus solution provides emergency light all over the shaft not only above the car as required by European safety regulation. This is an additional safety for the maintenance man, as light is in the pit as well as on the car top.

The all over illumination of the shaft by the LED light is a huge advantage. The LED shaft light is sufficient up to shafts for cars carrying up to 20 peoples. We recommend the installation of a second strip opposite in case of larger shafts, e. g. for heavy freight elevators.

The maximum length of the LED strip is 50 m. Switch GmbH & Co. KG will prepare the right length according to the customers request respectively the height of the shaft.

It is self evident that the new easy connect LEDplus solution meets all associated requirements according to CE, RoHS and EN 81-20.


Technical Data

Main power supply220 - 240 VAC
Emergency power supply24 VDC (12 VDC optional)
Normal light54 LEDs per meter
Emergency light6 LEDs per meter
Angle of radiation120 deg
Lifetime (mttf) approx.50,000 hours
Colour temperature4500 - 5000K
Vertical illuminance (avg.)80 Lux (normal light, 1 m above car roof)
5 Lux (emergency light, 1 m above car roof)
Dimension PVC-jacket18.5 mm x 9 mm (W x H)
Installation heightApprox. 15 mm incl. dowels
Weightapprox. 175 g/m
Burning characteristicSelf extinguishing
Safety class2
Degree of protectionIP65
Length1-50 meters, divisible in full meters
Supply cord (220-240 VAC)5 m with Shaped plug
Supply cord (24 VDC)2 Terminals
Power consumption. Shaft- / Emergency-lighting< 8 / 0.6 W per meter



The LED strip is attached simply and quickly to the shaft wall with the 6 mm dowel and cable-ties. These parts are include in the delivery.

The height of the light strip is only 15 mm including the fixation. Thus it is suitable outstandingly to very narrow shafts.

The preferable position for the fixation is close to the shaft doors. At this place usually no objects are shadowing the LED light providing a constant illumination.

The LED shaft light can be fed either from the pit or from the shaft ceiling taking into account a maximum distance of 50 cm.

The strip is fixed downwards by using the special 6 mm dowels and cable ties starting at the topmost position of the shaft. A dowel distance of approx. 2 m has to be taken into account.

Shaft lighting control unit

Switch offers a complete solution too. It includes the LED shaft lighting with emergency function and the necessary electronic system including the rechargeable batteries for the low voltage circuit. Please refer here for further information and technical data.

Short version for the car top and the pit

Switch is proud to offer now a short version of the LED-lightstrip with emergency function. This short LED-strip can be installed quite fast and easily on the cabin roof or in the pit. It can be connected to the existing emergency power supply of the cabin light due to the very low power consumption of the LED-lightstrip. In this case a regular light with a power supply of 230 VAC and an emergency light with 12 or 24 VDC are available. Please refer here for further Information and technical data.

Order information

Orders can be placed directly
by e-mail: order@switch-GmbH.de
by fax: The order sheet is available in our download section.

Please contact Switch helpdesk for any further question: +49 511 616 59 60-0.
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