easy connect LED120Dif

Product description

The easy connect LED120Dif-shaft lighting is based on the well proven easy connect LED120-lighting strip. It differs form the standard version by the use of a semi-dulled jacket. This configuration reduces the low dazzling effect of the 120 LEDs per meter once more.

The LED-shaft lighting consists of an extreme robust but still flexible PVC LED-light strip, a connection box with rectifier and a 10 m power supply cord with shaped plug.
The connection set contains a semiconductor protection against stress peaks and a line fuse. A spare fuse is part of the delivery.

The flexible conductor path inside the rectangular light strip is equipped with 120 LEDs per meter with highest luminous intensity.
It is self-evident that the lighting strip meets the RoHS– and Reach -directive as well as all requirements of the EN 81-20.

The large number of LEDs and the shape of the jacket enable a wide angle of radiation with reduced dazzling effect. As a matter of fact the illumination of the shaft is outstanding without any horizontal shadows.
In this regard the LED-shaft lighting meets the requirements of protection class IP65.
Installations up to a length of 70 meter are possible with one strip.
The LED-shaft lighting is sufficient for shafts with large size of floor space, such as lifts for more than 20 people.

The LED-strip is equipped with state of the art LEDs. This guarantees highest intensity of light with lowest power consumption. Thus the LED-strip achieves the power efficiency class A+.
The very low operating temperature of the LED-strip enables a very long service life even under continuous operation.

The temperature of the light of around 4.500 K generates a neutral light very close to daylight. The neutral light increases the colour rendering index (CRI). The high CRI leads to a neutral reproduction of colours of all components and devices in the shaft.

Electrical connection is achieved by insertion of the shaped plug in a standard 230 VAC socket. So everybody is able to assemble it with no need of the special knowledge of an electrician. Thus a bright illumination of the shaft is available right from the start of the construction.
The LED-shaft lighting is approved and certificated according to CE, RoHS and EN 81.

The LED-shaft lighting can be extended with the proven pit bottom- and engine room control box to a complete shaft lighting system. The system can be pre-assembled at Switch GmbH & Co. KG according to customer needs.

Key features at a glance

  • Large number of LEDs enables a wide radiation
  • → higher illumination in the shaft
    → all-over illumination of the shaft without horizontal shadows

  • Large number of LEDs per meter
  • → reduced direct dazzling

  • Semi-dulled jacket material
  • → reduced considerably direct dazzling
    → less reduction in illumination

  • The printed circuit board is RoHS compliant
  • → easy to be recycled

  • Deployment of ultra high performance LEDs
  • → highest degree of illumination
    → minimum power consumption

  • Reduced generation of heat and larger cooling surface per LED
  • → increases service life
    → applicable for long-term usage

  • Neutral colour of the LEDs
  • → natural colour rendering of all components in the shaft

  • Robust construction and reinforced jacket
  • → prevents damages due to improper handling

  • LED-connection box with semiconductor protection
  • → protects the rectifier against stress peaks in the main power supply

  • LED-connection box with fuse
  • → protects the feed-line of the LED-light strip

Technical data

Input power230 - 240 VAC
Configuration120 LEDs per meter
Angle of radiation (50 lx-width)> 150 degree
Color temperature4,000 - 5,000 K
Service life (mttf) at Ten = 25 °Capprox. 50,000 hours
Average vertical illumination (measured at 1 m-distance)> 250 lx
Maximum length70 m, divisible in 1 meter
Supply cord10 m with shaped plug
Operating temperature-20 °C to +50 °C
Power consumption< 7 W per meter
Dimensions (width x height)12 mm x 7 mm
Weight100 g/m
Safety classIP65
Burning characteristicsSelf extinguishing


    All too often LED-light strips are treated like cable during installation, which might lead to a damage of the conductor path. Therefore special attention was drawn to increase the durability of the LED- light strip during installation.
    The weight of 100 g per meter of the easy connect LED120-light strip is top class of shaft lighting system. A complete shaft lighting for a shaft height of 25 meter weighs only 2.5 kg. This permits a very easy handling, from manufacture and transport all the way to the mounting.

    The LED strip is attached simply and quickly to the shaft wall with the 6 mm dowel and cable-ties. These parts are include in the delivery.

    The LED shaft light can be fed either from the pit or from the shaft ceiling taking into account a maximum distance of 50 cm. The strip is fixed downwards by using the special 6 mm dowels and cable ties starting at the topmost position of the shaft. A dowel distance of approx. 2 to 3 m has to be taken into account.

    produkt_01 produkt_01
    Switch GmbH & Co. KG offers an installation help for an easy and quick installation. Thus the lighting strip can be fixed for a first application simply with a dowel or on a hook.

    Safety instructions

    • Please take care of the right power supply voltage of 220 – 240 VAC.
    • A pre-fuse of 6 to 16 A has to be provided for the LED-lighting strip.
    • The maximum length of the strip is 70 m. Any additional LED-strip requires a separate power supply.
    • Please make sure that the PVC-coat is not damaged. Otherwise a short circuit may appear.
    • Do not execute any electrical installation while the strip is energised.
    • Do not bend or squeeze the strip.
    • Please handle the strip and the electronic devices with care to avoid any damages like broken printed circuits.

    Order information

    Orders can be placed directly
    by e-mail: order@switch-GmbH.de
    by fax: The order sheet is available in our download section.

    Please contact Switch helpdesk for any further Question: +49 511 616 59 60-0.
    We will advise you willingly.