Components for hoisting devices and cranes

This product range includes single and double row pendant stations up to 14 holes. The products are designed for control units suitable for direct or indirect drive; rotary gears, position limit switches, slip rings, emergency horns, handling and busbar systems.kran_01

Pendant stations

P02 – PTRM – P03 – DC16 – PL – DC30 – TLP-Series

kran_02We offer pendant stations for small hoist applications in single and double row or direct power circuit switchings and tail lift controls.

Giovenzana International B.V. confirms that the pendant stations P02 – P03 -PL – PLB meet the following standards according to the regulation CE89/392 (Appendix IIB):

  • Harmonisied standards
    • EN292 Part 1 and 2 (safety of machines)
    • UNI EN ISO 9001 EN60529 (IP protection class)
  • Standards and technical specifications
    • IEC 947-5-1 (components for low voltage applications)
    • FEM 9.941 (application area)

The manufacturer is responsible for maintenance of technical documentation as required in appendix V of the CE standard for machines.

Cross limit switches



  • Self extinguishing housing according to V-0 UL94
  • Protection class IP65 according to IEC/EN 60529
  • Operating temperature range: -25 °C up to +55 °C
  • Temperature range for storage: -30 °C up to +70 °C
  • Materialclass II, dirtclass 3 according to IEC/EN60947
  • Slop break double gap contacts, positive opening
  • Cable entry dia. 22.5 mm

Position limit switches


spindelendschalter_01These switches determine the position of rotating devices: Cable drums of cranes, spindles etc. The cams can be adjusted independently of each other with micrometer screws. The typ FGR****B has a coaxial shaft to connect an encoder.

  • Aluminium housing with self extinguishing plastic cover according to V-0
  • Protection class IP65 according to IEC/EN 60529
  • Galvanisied spindle with ball bearing
  • Cams with refined steel shaft and ball bearing
  • Cams and micrometer screws made of PA
  • Max. numbers of operating contacts: 6 (6 cams)
  • 2 cable entries with M20 cable glands
  • Operating temperature range: -25 °C up to +70 °C

Slip rings

Scudo – Prisma – Navale

We offer 20-50 A slip rings with 3 to 16 rings without housing or with protection class IP65.

Slip rings are used to transfer electrical signals and power energy between stator (stationary unit) and rotor or vice versa. They are comprised of 3 or more graphite or metal contacts, mounted on the steel shaft. The contacts brushes are all replaceble easily and are in graphite (Prisma and Navale-series) or copper (Scudo-series).

Warning horns


warnhupe_01The warning horns are dedicted for the use in trucks, tractors, elevators and a multitude of industrial applications.

  • Continious operation
  • Frequency: 300-350 Hz (G100-Series), 50 Hz (G75-Series)
  • Sound level (distance 1 meter): 95.3 dB(A) (G100-Series), 88 dB(A) (G75-Series)
  • Wall mounting
  • IEC/EN60529 Protection class: IP65 (G100-Series), IP30 (G75-Series)
  • Interface: 2-way terminal G100-Series, 3-way (2P+E) G75-Series
  • G100-Series – double insulated

Handling systems

We offer the festoon lines 30 and 41 and the busbar series TR60 and TR85.

Festoon lines 30 and 41

kran_04The festoon systems of line 30 and 41 are made of ‘C’-rail bars fixed along the crane’s movement line. The lines include track support brackets, towing trollies, round cable trollies and a variaty of accessories.

Bushbar systems

TR60 und TR85-Serie

The bushbar-series TR60 and TR85 are a state-of-the-art and safe systems for energy and data transmission applicable for various types of equipment: cranes, bridge cranes, conveyor belts, chain conveyors etc..
The series meet all relevant international standards of operation security, easy installation and reliability. The TR60-series is designed for currents up to 60 A, while the TR85-series can be used up to 200 A.

The bushbar series are availble in 2 versions:

A) Blue line: The copper conductors are already pre-mounted in the PVC-housing for easy installation.

B) Yellow line: PVC-bushbars and the copper strips are separated. The copper will be delivered on cable drums. First the bushbars have to be installed. Finally the coppers strips are inserted in the housing in one piece. The use of a roll holder might be necessary in case of large systems.