Emergency push button and flashing buzzer in a compact box


Switch GmbH & Co. KG has developed another suitable product to comply with the European safety standard EN 81.20.
The standard requires an electrical bypass at the shaft- and cabin-doors as well as at the door latching devices for maintenance. The activation of this bypass is based on various conditions. One requirement is an audible signal in the cabin and a flashing light below the cabin, which are in operation during the drive. The sound level has to be 55 dBA minimum at 1 m distance.

Switch GmbH and Co. & KG provides an appropriate solution to achieve this mandatory requirement. A powerful buzzer generates a warning signal of more than 80 dBA in 1 meter distance. The frequency of this alert is approx. 1000 Hz. In addition a flashing red light facilitates the visual alarm. Both warnings alternate with a frequency of 0.5 Hz.
An emergency bush button is implemented in the small box to increase the safety aspect. The service technician can easily contact the emergency head office.
Please contact the Switch experts for further information and technical data. They are pleased to support your request.