easy connect LED120-lighting strip, the result of continuous improvements

      The advantages of continuous further developments at a glance:

    • Large number of LEDs enables a wide radiation
    • → higher illumination in the shaft
      → all-over illumination of the shaft without horizontal shadows

    • Large number of LEDs per meter
    • → reduces direct dazzling

    • The printed circuit board is RoHS compliant
    • → easy to be recycled

    • Deployment of ultra high performance LEDs
    • → highest degree of illumination
      → minimum power consumption

    • Reduced generation of heat and larger cooling surface per LED
    • → increases service life
      → applicable for long-term usage

    • Neutral colour of the LEDs
    • → natural colour rendering of all components in the shaft

    • Robust construction and reinforced jacket
    • → prevents damages due to improper handling

    • LED-connection box with semiconductor protection
    • → protects the rectifier against stress peaks in the main power supply

    • LED-connection box with fuse
    • → protects the feed-line of the LED-light strip

      You will find detailed Information with regrad to our new development here.