easy connect LED-lighting strips with connection technology up to protection class IP68


Switch GmbH & Co. KG has improved the well-tried easy connect LED-lighting strips.

The LED-lighting strips are equipped with a new connection technology according to market requirements. This measure provides an optimised connection of the LED-lighting strips to the power supply. The former integrated rectifier is replaced by a component in a separate housing. Of course the box with the cable glands meets the protection class IP65. A 10 m power supply cord with a shaped-plug is connected to the box in standard configuration. The box has two fastening lugs for easy installation.

The advantage of this new layout is the flexibility in wiring configuration. It is self-evident that the new layout offers the well known Switch easy connect philosophy: Fix the LED-lighting strip, plug in the shaped-plug, light in the whole shaft already during installation phase.
After finishing the installation the LED-lighting strip can be connected to the existing control unit. In this coherence the rectifier can be built into the control unit too.

The new flexible design enables the assembly of easy connect LED-lighting strips achieving the high protection class IP68. Please contact Switch experts for further information.